How to Choose the Right Cigar Based on Its Strength Profile

Choosing a cigar based on its strength profile doesn't mean you're an impostor. The intensity of a cigar is rated as soft, medium, or strong, and this has nothing to do with taste or flavor. It simply refers to the amount of nicotine contained in the cigar. Most tobacco experts use the words soft, medium and full to describe the body of each cigar compared to others.

The term “body” refers to the intensity of the flavor offered by each cigar and can vary depending on the type of cigar, age and other factors. Cigars vary greatly in terms of strength. Some people prefer the strong taste and flavor of a full-bodied cigar, while others prefer a smooth but satisfying smoke. Strength does not indicate the taste of a cigar; a mild cigar can have a flavor profile equal to that of a full-bodied cigar.

Methods for infusing cigars vary from exposing the leaves to specific scents to spraying the flavor onto the leaves. As you develop your taste for cigars, consider keeping track of which cigars you like and which you don't. We have also prepared many gift guides for smokers, in case you are choosing a cigar for someone else. The center notes of a cigar are those that remain stable during smoking, while the subtle notes tend to be the ones that come and go.

Full-bodied cigars also go well with stronger beverages such as whiskey and coffee, which help balance the intensity of the cigarette. In general, the type of cigars you choose is likely determined by the experience you have smoking and the types of flavors you like to experiment with. Many experienced cigar smokers still prefer to smoke medium profile cigars because they adapt well to any situation and are still relatively inexpensive. They are worth trying if you like to explore different types of cigars and, although some traditionalists might rule them out, an infused cigar can produce a unique, intense and pleasant smoke to the palate.

When it comes to cigars, size doesn't equal strength: the cigars used to make the cigar determine their strength. Depending on the package, you can try 10 to 15 of the best cigars from the major brands without having to spend an entire box of each. There are also times when a soft cigar makes more sense than a strong one, for example when you're exposed to the sun, and a strong cigar can make you feel dizzy.

Ernie Leduke
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