How to Tell if Your Cigar is Fresh: The Pinch Test

The pinch test is one of the easiest ways to tell if your cigar is fresh. When you pinch the cigar between your fingers, it should be firm and bounce slightly. If it feels hard or like a dry piece of wood, it means it isn't fresh. Gently press the cigar's foot between your thumb and forefinger.

A properly humidified cigar will give way a little, but it won't be too soft, and will return to its original shape when you stop pressing it. Many men like to squeeze their cigars from head to toe to check for unwanted soft spots or crunchy veins. The best-made cigars are consistent from end to end, but remember to pinch your cigar gently. You can break the wrapper by tightening it too tight. If you are in favor of removing the vitola from the cigar, do so carefully so as not to damage the cigarette wrapper.

The vitola is an aesthetic issue that does not affect any of the essential characteristics of the cigar (smell, taste, etc.) Choosing an excellent cigar, how to cut it, how to light it, and how to smoke it are the keys to enjoying a perfect cigar. If you simply light your foot with the cigarette in your mouth, you'll probably just light up the filling sheet and you'll miss the entire flavor profile of the cigar. Avoid machine-made cigars that are normally sold behind the counter at gas stations or convenience stores, and also stay away from flavored cigars that don't convey the true experience of tobacco leaf smoke, but instead hit you with cloying sweetness. This can ruin the experience of smoking cigars, as the pieces of tobacco will end up in the mouth and the wrapper will fall apart, affecting the taste and the way you smoke.

Re-Humidifying a Dry Cigar

If your cigarette seems a little stiff, you can always re-humidify a dry cigar by letting it sit in the humidifier for a few days or weeks, as needed. After a good choice, a perfect cut and good lighting, all that's left to do is smoke a cigar properly.

Smoking Your Cigar Properly

Not only does a cigarette that is too hot negatively affect the taste by allowing too much tar to accumulate at the tip, but it can also damage its construction and the cigarette can start to break or split, especially if it is slightly dry.

A good strategy is to turn the cylinder head from top to bottom, which will help to evenly distribute the wet and dry cigars inside the humidifier. You must separate the offending area from cigars and you may have to dispose of all your inventory. However, if you pinch the cigarette too hard and the wrapper breaks, there's little you can do to remedy the situation. Consider transferring your cigars to a Ziploc bag for about a day so that the moisture gradually dissipates. A well-made cigar usually has a very soft lid, which is actually the only part of the cigar that adheres with plant-based glue.

Also, keep in mind that you don't have to buy the most expensive handmade cigar to have a great smoking experience.

Checking Your Humidifier

If the hygrometer shows a relative humidity of 70%, but you have a handful of cigars that can't pass the pinch test, you may need to recalibrate the hygrometer.

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