How to Identify the Taste of a Cigar

If you're looking to find out what a cigar will taste like, there are a few key indicators that can help you determine the flavor profile. The first is the taste of the cigar before it is lit. If it tastes sweet or bitter, this suggests that it will be smoked well, while if there is a touch of acidity, it could mean that the tobacco used in the cigarette is of worse quality than it could be. A cigar is considered balanced when its flavor affects the taste regions of our tongue equally.

A cigarette that exceeds one or two areas of the palate is unbalanced. A well-blended cigar will express a mix of creamy and spicy notes. Less balanced cigars release an excess of bitterness or an excess of spice. Blending a cigar is like cooking a main course. The tobacco manufacturer will choose cigars that complement each other in the same way that a chef carefully measures the ingredients of a dish so that they are in harmony when tasted.

This is why every box of cigars comes with similarities and not with a final flavor profile. For example, a cigar may have a flavor profile similar to that of leather. However, if you're not familiar with the scent of wet leather, you're likely to identify the taste of cigarettes with chocolate. This means that the taste of a cigar ultimately has to do with your familiarity with certain scents and aromas. One of the best ways to start savoring the taste of a cigar is to keep it in your mouth before lighting the flame for the first time at the tip. A good cigar gives off a sweet or bitter taste, even without being lit; this is the brand of a fine cigar.

However, if your cigar tastes sour or salty before you light it, you may have inadvertently gotten hold of a slender specimen. When you turn it on without blowing on it, ammonia crystals will enter the cigarette smoke, which will contaminate the flavors of the cigarette. It's one of the easiest tips for tasting cigars, but it makes the aftertaste more prominent and prevents the cigar from overheating. We have created this FREE digital download cigar tasting card to help develop the palate and help identify the key tasting notes when smoking premium cigars. They are also critical to determining what type of cigarette you want to smoke and why you would choose one over the other.

Drinking a small portion of black coffee is a good practice when it comes to restoring the palé to capture some of the sour and sweet notes of the cigar. Mild cigars work best for novice smokers, because the smoke isn't as intense as that of stronger cigars. However, for someone who has never experienced the individual flavor profiles of different cigars, it can be difficult to understand the unique flavor of a cigar. Only when you try a collection of different cigars with different concentrations and flavors can you identify unique nuances. Disgusting terms such as gasoline, lead for pencils, tar, wet dog and diesel have been applied to less attractive cigarettes.

For the novice cigar smoker, it can be difficult to tell if the cigar's taste is as it should or not. Since flavor plays such an important role in how cigars are described, let's first identify some common tasting notes perceived by cigar lovers. For example, you can get a different flavor profile depending on how fast or how slow you smoke the cigar. However, as you become more comfortable smoking cigars and gain more knowledge about your body and the flavors you like, combining a cigar with the right bourbon or beer can improve your experience. In other words, the oils will take time to open, which means that you should let the entire cigarette warm up from the inside to the outside before judging its flavor profile. Since it's difficult to contact a cigar expert, one way to analyze different flavors and aromas is by using tools and resources available online.

This means that the cigarette must be free from any manipulation if you really want to master the art of smoking cigars.

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