How Much Do Cigars Cost? An Expert's Guide

Are you a new cigar smoker or looking to buy a cigar for a special occasion? If so, you may be wondering how much cigars cost. The Cigar World team has created this extensive guide to help you find the best cigar for your budget. Prices may vary for a cigar, a box of cigars, packs and cigars in general. Machine-made cigars tend to be cheaper, since they undergo a much faster process and are of lower quality.

However, if you want to treat yourself to a premium cigar, check out these prices. A great way to get the best quality and freshness is to shop at tax-free stores like Cigar Country. Cohiba is an iconic brand that has been around for decades, so you can expect top-notch quality from their cigars. The Partagas de Bronze Limited Edition is made in homage to the American factory where it is produced. For each tip, I'll also provide a series of cigar recommendations based on my personal experience, including the price and intensity of the cigarette. High-quality handmade cigars are different from machine-made cigars, which is why there is a variation in price between them.

Factors such as the brand, cost of materials, climate, amount of labor, complexities of packaging and rarity of cigarettes all contribute to the cost of a cigar. Some excellent examples of cigar samples include Ashton 5 Cigar Surrender, La Galera 10 Cigars Exclusive Sampler, Ashton 10 Cigar Sampler, Arturo Fuente Big Papo Collection and more.

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