How to Choose the Right Cigar for You

When it comes to choosing the right cigar for you, it's important to judge the book by its cover. The wrapper should be soft and clean, without any gaps, tears, or cracks. It should have a uniform color, without any spots or significantly darker places. Mold stains are a sign of poor storage, so you'll want to avoid those as well.

Twist the cigar between your fingers and check for any bumps or empty spaces. The more evenly the tobacco is distributed, the better. For a new cigar smoker, look for a soft to medium cigar in a light brown wrapper. Also, choose a cigar that is at least 5 inches long and has 46 rings.

This will ensure that the taste is milder and the burn won't be too hot. Popular sizes to start with are Corona, Robusto (Rothschild), and Churchill. The best way to develop your palate for premium cigars is to know what you're smoking, rather than just the brand. But as a newcomer to the world of smoking, there's no need to be overwhelmed by a cigar of the highest quality. We've also prepared plenty of gift guides for smokers if you're choosing a cigar for someone else. Keep in mind that just because the box says Churchills doesn't mean that the cigars will be 7 inches long with a caliber of 48 rings.

The best cigars in the world range in size from approximately 9 x 64 (which is one inch wide) to approximately 4 x 30 inches. Most cigar smokers prefer a certain size, so when considering the quality and consistency of a cigar's taste and aroma, your sense of comparability can be confusing and it will be difficult to judge fairly unless you're smoking the size you're used to. As you develop your taste for cigars, consider keeping track of the cigarettes you enjoy and which you don't. Whether you're moving on your own, joining the military, getting married or having a baby, a cigar is the best way to celebrate. For example, when you know the classic sizes, the next time you see the words Double Corona on the outside of a cigar box, you'll know right away that what's inside isn't a collection of short cigars. However, there are classic measurements that, when you become familiar with them, will allow you to make some general assumptions about the size of a cigar. While experienced smokers enjoy full-bodied cigars (usually with dark wrappers), beginners should try a soft-bodied or medium-bodied cigar to begin with (lighter wrappers).

Once you find a cigarette that meets those parameters, you'll want to make sure it's a good quality smoke. Most cigars fall into this broad category, within which there are numerous subcategories of cigar shapes.

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