What are the Different Shapes of Cigars You Can Buy?

Cigars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which can affect the smoking experience. The most common form is Parajeos, but there are also other unique options. Let's review all the common forms of cigars and find out how this affects the smoking experience. Pairs are by far the most common form of cigar and are usually what you think of when you picture a cigar. The head can be pointed or round, the body can be thin or thick, and the feet can also have a distinctive mark.

Naturally, a long, thick cigar will burn for an hour or more and a thin, small cigar will burn hotter and faster. They also range from the most symmetrical ones, such as the Aurora Favorites in the photo, which looks like a bomb, to the freest, such as the cigars of different shapes in the Arturo Fuente Hemingway series. They can be round or boxed pressed, meaning that the sides of the cigar were pressed into a square shape before they were packed or, in some cases, by pressure on the box. Although the strength of a cigar is determined by the tobacco it is rolled with, fine cigars tend to burn hotter than fatter ones. The huge variety of cigar shapes and sizes can be intimidating, especially for beginners and those starting to smoke cigars.

My suggestion is that, if you find a cigar of the size that you really like, be sure to search for the length and caliber of the ring. An 8-inch cigar made with soft tobacco will be soft, while a thin, short cigar rolled with powerful cigars will have a lot of body. Let Best Cigar Prices help you understand what these vitola names mean in terms of shape, length and caliber. In terms of flavor, these wrappers have little to offer and allow the flavors of filling cigars to dominate the flavor of the cigar. This is where rolling cigars begins to blur the lines with real art and are usually reserved for charity auctions. Nub cigars are very short, stubby cigars that try to capture the “sweet spot” of a normal-sized cigar (the central area).

Ultimately, the shape and size of the cigar will affect how you perceive the individual flavors of each tobacco blend. A small, thin cigar would be better for a quick smoking break, while a long, thick cigarette would be better for a relaxing and unhurried afternoon of smoking.

Ernie Leduke
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