How Much Do Cuban Cigars Cost? An Expert's Perspective

It's no secret that Cuban cigars are some of the most sought-after and highly-regarded smokes in the world. But why are they so appealing? And why are they so expensive? To answer these questions, it's important to understand the history and culture of Cuban cigars. Cuban cigars have been a status symbol for more than two centuries, and their reputation as a luxury item has only grown over time. The 1962 embargo imposed by President John F.

Kennedy only increased the desire of American smokers for authentic Cuban cigars, creating a burgeoning black market for counterfeit and smuggled cigars. The state-owned company in Cuba issues the Protected Designation of Origin approval for a selection of brands whose cigars, it says, are manufactured according to the strictest quality control standards. Each blade is inspected to determine its type, appearance and quality and is delivered to a twisher, a highly qualified cigar roller, highly respected in Cuban society. In very general terms, cigars from the New World like Montecristo Edmundo are of better quality than cigars from Havana because they have better quality control procedures.

Terry Pomerantz says that there is nowhere comparable in Cuba to buy the best cigars in the world at the best price. The only country it doesn't sell to is the United States, which has not allowed the importation of Cuban cigars since the 1962 embargo imposed by President John F. Kennedy. However, Canadians who have traveled outside the country for at least 7 days can bring 50 cigars (2 boxes of 25 cigars) per person, without paying customs duties, from Cuba or any other source. So why are Cuban cigars so appealing? It's not just about their reputation as a status symbol; it's also about their unique flavor and aroma. You can also enjoy excellent Cuban cigars while tasting your favorite Scotch whiskey in a downtown smoking lounge, such as La Casa del Habano on Sherbrooke Street West, Stogies Cigar Lounge in Crescent or Chez Alexandre in Peel. In conclusion, Cuban cigars are highly sought-after due to their unique flavor and aroma, as well as their reputation as a status symbol.

Despite the growing appetite for cigars from other countries, some experts will insist that the most authentic smoke comes only from Cuban cigars. Unfortunately, due to the embargo on Cuban products imposed by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, it is impossible to buy Cuban cigars online or at a tobacco store in the United States.

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