How to Identify if a Cigar is Too Strong

Trying to determine the strength of a cigar can be a difficult task, as it is subjective and each person has a different tolerance for force. However, there are certain physical effects, flavor notes, and experiences of smoking that can help you determine the strength level. If your cigar is exceptionally firm when you squeeze it and you can hear the crackle, it's a sign that your cigar may be too dry. On the other hand, if your cigar is too spongy and soft and does not return to its original shape, it's likely too humidified.

In addition to this, it's important to avoid inhaling cigar smoke, smoking your cigar too quickly, and drawing the cigar too strongly. If you need to hit the cigarette hard to inhale it, it's likely that the cigarette is too tight or plugged up. The pinch test is also an incredibly simple test to check the freshness of your favorite premium handmade cigars. Recently, tobacco companies have been making stronger cigarettes that can burn your throat and tongue, as well as cause stomach discomfort if you're not used to that force.

A medium concentration cigar is what I would consider an average cigar and yet it's relatively easy to identify. If your cigar doesn't feel as fresh as you think it should be, there are a couple of different ways to return it to the desired amount of moisture.

Ernie Leduke
Ernie Leduke

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