How Long Can Cigars Be Stored? An Expert's Guide

It is essential to season the humidifier, calibrate the hygrometer and correctly adjust the humidity levels in order to store cigars for a long period of time. If done correctly, your cigarettes could last up to five years. If you do it incorrectly, you risk having your cigars deteriorate before you can use them. Cigars will generally start producing their best flavors after about 5 years, provided they have been properly stored.

Unless stored in a humidor, cigars can dry out, rot, or infest in a matter of days, depending on the type of temperature and the sunlight they're exposed to. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide how long you should keep your cigars, but it's always a good idea to buy larger boxes and smoke the odd cigarette every few months to try and test the optimal flavors. When a cigar is stored well, you can expect it to last longer, since internal humidity levels and airflow are well maintained. In addition, personal preferences most often dictate the maximum level of humidity in a humidifier.

The user must space the cigars properly to improve air circulation; this helps the cigars to maintain their freshness and remain sufficiently moist. The cigar humidifier differs in price depending on construction, size, quality, aesthetics, etc. Although, despite how expensive or complex the humidor is, the fundamental aspect is how well the user maintains the conditions. If done right, a cigar can last for years in a well-preserved humidor.

Cigar Studio humidors are easy to maintain. Exposing the humidifier to extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight, or placing it on top of a radiator or air conditioner is terrible for the humidifier and the cigars. This is another process that can be tiring for new cigar collectors because it is the answer to how long cigars last in a humidifier? It won't always be accurate without a little trial and error. Here are five easy steps to season your humidifier before using it. Cigars are best smoked when fresh.

However, if a cigar is kept in plastic wrap, it can last up to two weeks. The wrapper helps protect the cigarette from moisture and oxygen. As a result, moisture and air will circulate more freely, helping to keep cigars fresh as you age them. The first step in aging your cigars is to season a new humidor according to the process we have described in detail. The small white dots are plumes and indicate that the cigars are aging perfectly, but blue-green mold is devastating for handmade cigars and for the humidifier.

After buying your cigar humidor, you can use the extra space as an excuse to expand your collection. The best cigar cutters offer perfect extraction and won't shatter the cigar's head when you cut off the lid. When removing the label from a cigarette, it is important to make a slow and gentle movement to avoid damaging it. A cigar humidifier eliminates the above concerns by maintaining the most favorable storage and aging conditions for cigars. Regardless of how much you spend on a humidifier, your cigars will only stay fresh if you regularly replace the moisture, break them and maintain a constant temperature. Of course, you should be able to save a little more space for a thermoelectric cigar humidifier than for a classic mahogany box, but once again, a traditional wooden cabinet would take up even more space and you would also have to deal with a greater risk of fire damage. Even cigar humidifiers are subject to a certain degree of decorum, and these essential smoking accessories have become status symbols, perhaps as much as the iconic cigarette itself.

However, with thermoelectric cigarette coolers, you never have to worry about regularly checking the humidity, temperature, lighting or freshness of cigarettes. To minimize the tendency of cigars to stain their aromatic qualities, separators are used in cigar humidors. The only way to know if your cigarettes will improve with age is to buy a handful or a box of a brand, smoke a few as soon as you get them and then let the other cigars sit. It's also important to smoke them as soon as possible after obtaining them so that you can enjoy all the flavor and aroma of the cigar.

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