How to Choose the Right Cigar for You

Taste and aroma should be at the top of the list when choosing a cigar. Look for a uniform color without spots or significantly darker places than others. Make sure there are no mold stains, as they can occur in humid environments. Inspect the construction of the cigar by twisting it between your fingers and checking for any bumps or empty space.

The more evenly the tobacco is distributed, the better. Cut the lid off the “head” to create an opening that is comfortable to smoke without distorting the shape of the cigar. This forms most of the cigarette, and the tightness with which the filling is packaged will contribute to the life of the smoke; denser fillings produce longer fumes. If you're new to cigars, try something milder like Connecticut Reserve, which is a light to medium bodied cigar with flavors of butter and toasted almonds.

Infused cigars are also a great choice for beginners, as there are plenty of great selections to choose from. Methods for infusing cigars vary from exposing the leaves to specific scents to spraying flavor onto them. If you want to dedicate yourself to cigars as a hobby or passion in life, consider keeping a cigar tasting diary. This will help you track your impressions and preferences.

When buying a cigar, look for one with a uniform color and even distribution of tobacco like Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill. Rocky Patel is a boutique cigar manufacturer that has become famous in the world of premium cigars due to incredible blends like this one. When smoking a cigar, don't touch it with the flame; instead, heat the tobacco first to make sure it burns smoothly. CAO Gold Vintage cigars come packaged in Ecuadorian wrappers from Connecticut grown in 2004, with a combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco from Cuban seeds inside.

The center notes of a cigar are those that remain stable during smoking, while subtle notes tend to be those that come and go. Beginners should try a soft-bodied or medium-bodied cigar with lighter wrappers. Experienced smokers may enjoy full-bodied cigars with dark wrappers.

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